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A cup of tea is a cup of peace.

~ Sen Sshitsu VX

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Excellent tea!
Great tea blends with a brilliant concept. The website is beautiful and easy to navigate.


Novino was birthed from a joke….


During the pandemic, our family needed all the comfort we could get.  When no one knew what to do to keep healthy, our family turned to what we have always used, Tea.  Naturally, our tea intake increased dramatically, and tea became a fixture in every bonding moment amid uncertainty.  Tea in our family has been used for everything from comfort to medicinal purposes and facilitated many intimate conversations.  


The joke?…


Tea also became a welcomed low-calorie mixer for our “nerve-calming” drinks!  Complete in a fancy in a wine glass, it was asked, “drinking wine?” The question was met with, “No, Novino” (in an awful made-up accent).  This became our running quarantine joke. What that joke brought in comforting laughter to our families has been translated to comfort in a form to be shared with the world.  It is those moments we aim to promote.

Novino Tea

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